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Fundraiser1.0 - Raise up to $11,800,000 Ė The Special Report You Need to Read Before You Even Think of Investing in Fundraiser1.0


From The Desk of Ricardo Timmermann

Product: Fundraiser1.0
Review Date: 22 April 2008
Product Type: Method to Raise Money using the Internet

As an engineer, I made my career in the Manufacturing Industry, and as a Director of a company, I was always looking to get money lent from the banks or partners for new projects and/or working capital.


Knowing what the above means: commitments, contracts, and high interests, interminable meetings presenting P/L, balance sheets and feasibility studies, people always nosy looking over my shoulder and receiving opinions not welcomed.


With the advent of the Internet I started to look for new ways to raise money, also knowing that the internet is full of scams and junk, I was very cautious in the beginning, but when the program started giving me results not even trying it, I paid more attention to this jewel, Fundraiser1.0

Because you know, the Internet is full of crap and scams in this category, you have to be special careful. But at the end I thought, this product is guaranteed and low pricey I will give it a shot.



Before we jump into the review, we want to first refresh your memory.


You know, ďthose claims are pretty incredible, right?Ē

Is this just a baloney sandwich? You will know what is going on with Fundraiser1.0 without the shadow of a reasonable doubt before the review is over.

Alright, now we really start.  ďTime to delve into the meat of the matterĒÖ


         Though the method to raise funds is protected with a non-disclosure agreement, I can say itís legal and approved by the SEC.

         Unlikely Clickbank products, you donít have to wait the 3 month period to get paid, thatís good news for everyone who is in a hurry. The company claims you will be paid in a 36 to 48 hour period after a signup is made.

         You will get your own physical space in a host service provider and you can set up your own page.

         You will receive a space for blogging.

         You will receive a track statement for every signup you make and the position for everyone in the ladder.


         You can not interact with your downline, but giving away the same bonus I will give you, you will be able to, yes, I encourage you giving the bonus in that way you will get benefited you and also to your signups.

         But the Marketing principle is the same, so you will need those skills to effectively market Fundraiser1.0 and start making money.

         Fundraiser1.0 gives you, as most of the opportunities out there, some marketing tools, like prewritten ads, a place to blogging and so on, but you will need some tactics and strategies to adequately penetrate your product and start earning serious money.

See, recently I saw in its sales letter that they were a mere of 2,500 users, but later they took away that notice. I assume because it didnít benefit them, for a product little over a year old, itís a very low number, but also tells me that the product is still in diapers. Also it tells me we have too much to exploit in the future. Itís an opportunity not to dismiss.

Also, I think, a product for the only reason to raise money, I mean you donít sell anything, you receive a certificate of owning a share of space in a host service provider, people get nervous and suspicious, but thatís the beauty of it.


This is going to be making me a fortune in years to come.  But only because I figured out the Right Way to make it work.  In fact itís the only way.

Do it wrong and you could lose hundreds of dollars (time, whatever) in no time flat.

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Yours in Profits,

Ricardo Timmermann